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Greenwich Community Association Newsletters

December 1999 | October 1999 | April 1999

DECEMBER 1999 Minutes

8.00 pm Wednesday, 8th December 1999,
Greenwich Community Centre, 48 Greenwich Road


• Shell Site Future

• Glenview St Development

• Councillors 'Reports

• Other Reports

Please Note: Meeting will start promptly at 8.OOpm and conclude by 10.00 pm for Christmas supper.

As announced recently, Shell is reviewing its Sydney facilities as a result of changing petrol specifications in 2006 and changing markets. From this review Clyde refinery will continue operation until end of 2001 but will be closed by 2006. Gore Bay depot may continue as shipping point to a distribution centre at Clyde or may be replaced by facilities at Botany. Whatever the changes, the Greenwich community must be prepared and know what it wants to happen on the current site. It is proposed that a special committee be formed to draw up alternate use plans for the site. This will be the main topic of discussion at the next meeting on 8/12/99. Come along to express your views!

Coming soon to a street near you. The Greenwich Carollers will again be singing round the streets of Greenwich on Sunday, 19th December, from 6.OOpm to 8.00 pm. Be home to hear, enjoy and donate to local Youth Mental Health programmes.

Enquires: Julia Starling 9437 6183 Sally Charkos 9438 2037 Ros Bradley 9438 1626.

Lane Cove Council has not consented to the application for development of 19-21 Glenview St. Before the refusal the applicant notified their appeal to the Land and Environment Court. A procedural hearing is scheduled for 1 December which will decide when the matter will go before the Land & Environment Court.

Annual General Meeting at Greenwich Community Centre, Monday, 6th December,8pm. Another successful Fun Run/Walk with record number of entries this year. Some of the issues for next year:- School merger? Sale of Greenwich Rd site for development? Before and after new care buildings? Landscaping? FOGS thanks the community for their support and help in raising funds. Membership of $2/person and $5/family now due. For more details Denis Smith (Pres) 9906 3579.

We have requested full details of road closures, extended bus services and ferry service etc for 31/12/99 and 1/1/2000, so we can all plan access and egress of our visitors. As information is received it will be reproduced on the website.

Information will also be displayed on Noticeboards in Greenwich.

We support the advice of the Neighbourhood Watch to report to the police all criminal or suspicious activity in Greenwich. Statistics are kept on police reports which in turn determine "policing" of our area.

The contract to run the Greenwich Baths comes up for renewal next year and the specification for it is due for review and development. If you have any Suggestions, such as at last meeting that there be season tickets or even day tickets, send your ideas to the Council now. Please let us have a copy so we too can follow up.

Santa will again be visiting Greenwich Wharf at 8.00 on Christmas morning.
Enquiries 9438 1936 (Santa's helpers) 9 Lower Serpentine Rd.

Former Greenwich Girl Guides and their families will be sad to hear that Deirdre Hirst, the long-time Leader of Greenwich Girl Guides, died recently. Her exceptional and enthusiastic half century involvement with the Girl Guide movement - the last years with the Greenwich unit - is even more amazing as she had sons, not daughters!! A fund will be set up next year in Deidre's memory to provide money to support the present Guide unit - a use Deirdre would appreciate. Contact Kate Wood, the Greenwich Girl guides District

Leader (9906 4572) or Alison Bird (9436 1400) for more information.

Those needing the service and those seeking casual work Lazy summer days are back! The GCA is updating its register of babysitters, gardeners, home-helpers, "waitering", tutors, etc. If you would like to enlist your services on the register or if you are need help to get you through this "millenium party fever" please telephone 9438 2206 (Christine) or 9438 1936 (Mary Ed). This is intended for youths and retirees who seek casual working opportunities.


I hope the editor in December 2099 will be reading this to put an item in his newsletter.

OCTOBER 1999 Minutes

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8.00 PM Wednesday 20th October 1999,
Greenwich Community Centre, 48 Greenwich Road


• Councillor Anthony Roberts, Mayor

• Glenview St Development

• Strand Estate

• Community Representative on Bushland Committee

• Councillors' Reports

• Other Reports

Please Note: Meeting will start promptly at 800pm and conclude by l0.00pm for supper.

This year's local government elections set an unprecedented and interesting stage. The voting Greenwich community was certainly given a choice as in East Ward 16 candidates sought your support. The vigorously contested campaign endeavoured to focus residents on "track records"; to profile the "voices" of new party groups and their members; to highlight the work to be done in the next four years; and to think about the core issues.

The Association thanks all candidates for giving the community this choice. We congratulate East Ward Councillors Bowers, May and Tugde on their successful re-election; as well as successful Central and West Ward Councillors.

Committee looks forward to actively working with Councillors in furthering the interests of Greenwich and in maintaining and enhancing our amenity.

It is an honour for all Councillors to have been successful in the elections - they have won the privilege of serving/representing you.

Our community deserves a Co-operative and effective local council to tackle local issues. Perhaps it is timely to publish an extract from the Code of Conduct issued Local Government Minister's office.

"All Councillors, Members of Staff and Delegates must

• Not act contrary to law;

• Not act unreasonably, unjustly or oppressively or in a discriminatory manner;

• Deal with like situations in a like manner, but treating each matter on its merits;

• Take all relevant information into consideration and must not take any irrelevant information or opinions into consideration;

• Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information upon which decisions or actions are based is factually correct and that all relevant information has been obtained;

•Treat members of the public fairly and equitably and with respect, courtesy, compassion and sensitivity;

•Refrain from any form of conduct in the performance of his or her public or professional duties, which may cause any reasonable person unwarranted offence or embarrassment or give rise to the reasonable suspicion or appearance of improper conduct or partial performance of his or her public or professional duties; and

•Not act for an improper or ulterior purpose or on irrelevant grounds."

Greenwich is unique - the bushland; waterways; its heritage; the residential amenity; proximity to local shopping centres, regional centres and the city; the safe and reliable public and private transport systems; local services (such as the Marjorie Propsting Library); but most importantly the true community spirit and you the individual - a member of this special community. We all have a duty in working to protect our community and in so doing we, too, as individuals setting about our personal pursuits/goals; or as representatives on community/sporting/school groups have what could be termed a "societal code of conduct" - not dissimilar to that above. Let's all do our part in making a valuable and positive contribution to our community over the next four years

Congratulations are extended to Councillor Anthony Roberts on his election as Lane Cove Council's Mayor, and Councillor Ian Longbottom as Deputy Mayor, at the Council meeting on Monday 20 September.

Committee regularly discusses' ways in which the Association can add to or enhance its role in the community. Recent achievements have been the easy access of all residents to our newly established website; compilation of a community information and directory; the youth forum; increased community awareness of the Association by membership stalls at Shell Open Day and at the Greenwich Shops; and representation to Council on proposed developments inappropriate to a specific site. As part of our review process we seek your input. If you are aware of an issue that could be of benefit to the community or improve the amenity of our area, or services within it, please raise it at our next general meeting, or discuss it with a committee member. One suggestion has been the re-establishment of a register of baby sitters or youths seeking part time work, such as gardening etc. Added to this could be a register of youths seeking community service projects for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Comments in the General Managers Report to Lane Cove Council regarding Greenwich Out Of School Hours Care Inc.'s request for improved accommodation revealed that "the Dept. of School Education advised that they would like the school sites to amalgamate to the Kingslangley Site and are preparing plans for discussion. They also advised that their planned amalgamation would secure funds from the sale of Greenwich Road site for the much needed capital works for Kingslangley. The suggested that it would be of significant benefit to the school community if the two sites amalgamated as resources could then be more effectively deployed. This they say will become more apparent as upgrading becomes more critical. Such initiatives they indicated will need the support of the school community. On the question of maintenance of the Kingslangley site, they explained that whilst basic maintenance continues to be carried out it is unlikely that the school will be listed on its Capital Works Program without amalgamation because funds are simply not available. And like every any other school in the state, Greenwich has to compete against other priority works across the state."

For or against the proposal? - expect the matter of school merger to rise again.

Another application has been made to demolish the two homogenous heritage listed buildings at 19-21 Glenview St and replace them with a block style, 8 Unit, construction. Members of the Association Committee unanimously resolved to oppose the previous development in a residential 'A1' zoned area and to support the objections of many of the neighbouring residents. Concern has been expressed by many residents that an approval would establish a serious precedence for other similar applications, and that many other areas within Greenwich could be affected if this application were to be successful - either at Council level or on appeal to the Land & Environment Court. This matter will be open for discussion at our meeting on 20th October

A selection of new logo ideas were displayed and discussed at the June public meeting. Members endorsed a logo symbolising the bushland, water and community. Committee thanks those who put forward suggestions and members for their considered input.

Lane Cove Historical Society (LCHS) will be restoring the interior finishes and furnishings of Carisbrook. Jointly Lane Cove and LCHS have been successful in obtaining a pro rata grant of $5000 from the Heritage Office. Fundraising commenced with a Spring Garden Party - other activities planned. The Historical Society would like to share the process of restoration with the community - if you would like to be involved, contact Geoff Washington 9427 2132. Meantime, Carisbrook is open for inspection Wednesdays 11-4 and Saturdays/Sundays 1.30 - 4pm.

Following our discussions on activities for the younger residents of Greenwich, a most successful skate afternoon, using Council's portable ramps etc. was held on Friday 8th October, in the Infants School grounds. We would like to thank both the Council and the School for their assistance. Drinks and a sausage sizzle raised over $100, which will be placed in a separate reserve for use on youth activities.

Residents are reminded that each Councillor is allocated a small sum in the budget for local improvement, eg. a seat at a bus stop. or a rail to make a crossing or step safer. See your local Councillors.

At the Council meeting on 5/10/99, it was resolved to proceed with the rezoning of the Austin Street carpark, with the site specific controls as recommended in Commissioner Andrews' report.

Subscriptions may be deposited in our box at Greenwich Pharmacy or posted to

"Treasurer, Greenwich Community Association Inc.

C/- 8 Victoria St, Greenwich 2065"

Enclosed please find $5 per pensioner family;

$10 per non-pensioner family $_____ donation






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APRIL 1999 Minutes

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7.30 PM, Wednesday, 21st April 1999


• Forum on Youth Needs in Greenwich

• Reports of Councillors

• Austin St. Rezoning Submission

• Other Reports

Please Note: - Meeting will start promptly at 7.30 p.m. and conclude by 10.00 p.m. for supper


All youths and their parents in Greenwich are invited to our next meeting on 21/4/99 to give their views on what the community could provide for our youth.
The meeting will commence early, at 7.30 pm, and all the normal business of the meeting will be deferred until after the Youth Forum.
This is the opportunity for our younger residents to give their views, and tell us what they believe they need. Parents are invited along to mainly LISTEN

At the Annual General Meting in February, the members unanimously resolved to change the name of our association to Greenwich Community Association, to reflect more the wider activities of this organisation that has been supporting the Greenwich community for over 54 years.

We are asking for suggestions for a new logo possibly based on the new initials, GCA, to replace the old GPA sailing boat logo. Entries may be left in our box at the Greenwich Pharmacy. Entries close on 6/5/98. Winner will be announced at June meeting.

GREENWICH COMMUNITY INFORMATION DIRECTORY is being compiled now. We have asked Council for permission to display in the large noticeboard outside the Infants School a brief directory of active community bodies, with contacts where those interested, particularly new residents, may make contact.All groups are reminded to please forward any information they want included to John Gebler Ph 9436 2874.

The same internet service that has been available at the main library at Lane Cove is now available at the Greenwich branch library. The librarian will be pleased to give details of how the service may be used.

We are investigating having a Greenwich web page with information on our community easily available to residents for those with Internet access, either at home or at work. This could include the Community Directory, bus, ferry and train timetables; upcoming events in Greenwich .
Have you any ideas to contribute that would be handy to have available on the web page. If you want to receive this newsletter by e-mail also, send a message headed 'Greenwich' to

The GCA inquired from Sydney Ferries why the services after do not stop at Greenwich and Birchgrove on the return trips. They are reviewing the service again this year so we would welcome any comments for improvement, that we can forward on.

As this newsletter goes into every mailbox in the Greenwich area, it has been suggested that we could include an Events Diary covering activities of other organisations in the area that do not have the facilities to distribute their own newsletter. We have in the past included other events, such as Red Cross or other collections and we are happy to include them in the future for any Greenwich community bodies when we have space. Usually publication is in first week of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec. If we get the information we will include a brief notice.

At the last meeting a sub-committee was authorised to further investigate the proposal for the re-zoning of the Austin St car park to accommodate the Strand Estate development proposal. This was done and the submission may be obtained by requesting it from a committee member, and copies will be available at the next meeting


• President Chritine Kirkwood 9438 2206
• Vice-Pres Mary-Ed Hartnell 9438 1936
• Sect John New 9439 5679
• Treas John Gebler 9436 2874
• Com'tee Alison Bird 9436 2386
• Laurie Edwards 9436 2386
• Carol Heathwood 9437 6517
• Richard Kelly 9906 7077
• Pam Palmer 9437 6417
• Lynne Podgorski 9438 4620


• GENERAL MEETINGS 21/4/99, 16/6/99, 18/8/99, 20/10/99, 8/12/99
• COMMITTEE MEETINGS 8/5/99, 20/7/99, 21/9/99, 16/11/99,


94382206 Christine Kirkwood President 9439 5679 John New; Secretary
SUBSCRIPTIONS may be deposited in our box at Greenwich Pharmacy or posted to "Treasurer; Greenwich Community Association Inc; C/- 8 Victoria St., Greenwich 2065"
Enclosed please find $5 per pensioner family; $10 per non-pensioner family / $..............donation.



Phone.................................... 4/99


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